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The Beauty Of Beige Flags 

The Beauty Of Beige Flags 

The landscape of dating is a well-trodden horizon of red flags and green flags. Red flags are, of course, warning signs — anything about a partner that you want to avoid at all costs. On the other hand, green flags are qualities and attributes you want in a partner; they make you want to be with that person even more.

In the gray area of dating discourse, however, is yet another third waving flag color: beige flags. While red means stop and green means go, beige doesn’t offer a suggested trajectory. Beige flags are qualities you notice about someone who you spend a lot of time with. They are the distinct, even funny characteristics you recognize in a significant other. They aren’t good or bad; they’re just unique.

Now, why is there a new phrase to define idiosyncrasies and quirks? And is it really necessary? I don’t know and probably not. But here we are. In fact, the phrase “beige flags” has become so popular, it was listed in the top words of 2023, right behind “Swiftie.”

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