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The Best Libertarian Gift Guide Ever


She said, “Eyeeye-eye-eyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee don’t want much for Christmas.” She said, “There’s only one thing I need.” It’s the secular holiday anthem of the ages. It’s also based on a lie.

Mariah is our inspiration. However, we all know the ambiguous. You is not the only thing she needs, nor the only thing needed by the masses—who can often be heard belting “All I Want for Christmas Is You” in unison in the bars and show choir concerts across the country. It’s impossible to wrap your head around a “you.” “Vielleicht get annoyed when you see the word “you” He refuses to give up football in favour of Married at the First Sight. (This isn’t personal.) Who is it? You anyway?

Mariah can’t help but be a burden. Reason We are here to help.

We are back with our annual gift-giving recommendations, which can be tailored to any age, personality type, or affinity. They include the practical and bizarre, as well as everything in between. Here are the Reason You’re a fan? Check out our merchandise, including shirts, hats, and oneies, as well as phone cases, mugs, and water bottles. Wow! You can also give a 3-year gift subscription at a low $37.97 for those you want to convert. Gift recipients who have commitment issues can get shorter timespans.

For ideas a little more outside the box—to fill the hole Ms. Carey left—we’re here for you. We wish you a Happy Giving! —Billy Binion, associate

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