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The Carbon-Neutral Dumpster Fire


Dublin’s riots scored the bigger headlines, but Ireland’s biggest disaster last month was surely the futuristic climate-change docudrama Tomorrow Tonight. “Amateurish, smug and possibly the worst TV programme anyone has ever made,” was the verdict of Eilís O’Hanlon in the Irish Independent. It must be said that O’Hanlon is the scornful scourge of Irish progressivism in all its forms—sort of like Peter Hitchens in a dress—so no one expected her to enjoy it, and the paper in which her review appeared is the conservative voice of Middle Ireland at its most bovine. 

She wasn’t wrong, though. Ludicrously earnest, Tomorrow Tonight has the makings of a camp classic. At one point, a space reporter interviews “Marcus Grift,” founder of the first Lunar colony. A cartoonish blend of Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, Grift is “over the moon” about the birth of his first child but the reporter scolds him, “Back on the Earth that your daughter has never been to, most people face rising seas, harsher storms, more frequent droughts. With your resources, you could have been working on that challenge, but instead you’ve spent decades on what, I have to say, looks very much like an escape plan for the one percent.”

This ham-fisted ecological homily might expect a warmer reception from…

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