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Robert Reich: The Case for Donald Trump’s Prosecution| Robert Reich


He needs to be prosecuted to preserve what'' s left of our freedom. Trump spent years trying to avoid the consequences of his actions, many thanks in part to the wealth he accumulated through his scams. Trump now trusts in his political power to defend himself against more serious crimes. We wait daily to hold Trump responsible only encourages him and others to harm our Constitution and the rule of law. Take into account Trump’s circumstances.
Present danger: He will be charged with stealing classified documents.
A bully and a fraudulence, who realizes that he has been trapped.

Three points are required to close the responsibility: Trump incited an.
An attack on the Capitol, stealing top secret files and being illegally schemed.
To reverse the 2020 election results. Chief law officer.
Merrick Garland and The Division of Justice
Should stand firm in the face Trump’s efforts.
They should not be intimidated. They should make him answerable. This isn’t a matter of They should hold him accountable.
The Constitution as well as the rule of law versus authoritarianism are both part of the Constitution.
as well as tyranny. If Trump succeeds– if he frightens his escape of being held responsible, we'' re quiting on our freedom as well as asking for this kind of lawlessness to prevail.The media must. This is not a story about one side. There are many sides to this story.
Trump’s obsession. Criminal offenses are deceptive in themselves.
It is now that Republican legislators, prospects and as well as. The conservative media must show some backbone
Trump is strongly condemned and we also strongly disagree with him. They have already created a monster that is threatening by their failure to do so. This nation is going to be eaten. They must inform their followers, components, viewers, and viewers that Trump has threatened the rule of law and incited violence in America.

Not to deal with. Criminal prosecution would be a – it’s even more dangerous
to allow an ex-head of state to absolve the Constitutional and legislative violators? Insurrectionists will believe they can strike our democracy without being punished if Trump is allowed to leave. They will be correct. Americans who prefer democracy and the rule of law control are the majority at the moment. the levers to power. But for how long?

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