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Robert Reich – The Case for Donald Trump Prosecution| Robert Reich


He needs to be prosecuted to preserve what'' s left of our freedom. Trump spent years trying to prevent the negative effects of his actions by accumulating wealth from his world of rip-offs. Trump is currently relying upon his political power to defend himself against far more serious criminal offenses. The fact that we are waiting to hold Trump accountable on a daily basis only makes it more likely for him, and others like him, to wreck our Constitution and regulate regulation. Take a look at Trump’s circumstances.
Recent danger: If he is arrested for stealing identifiable records, these are the risks.
This is a bully, but also a fraudster who has been caught. This is the home window.
Three things are required to close the liability: Trump incited an.
Attack on the Capitol, stole supersecret records, and also unlawfully plotted.
To reverse the results of the 2020 electoral process. Lawyer General.
Merrick Garland, Department of Justice
Trump’s proposals must be met with firm resistance
To intimidate them. They have to hold him accountable. This is not an issue of It is a concern.
The Constitution and the regulation of laws versus authoritarianism are both included in the Constitution.
as well as tyranny.If Trump succeeds– if he daunts his way out of being held accountable, we ' re surrendering on our democracy and also asking for this kind of lawlessness to dominate. The media must stop covering it. This must not be covered as if it were 2.
There are many sides to this story.
Trump’s obsession is a major reason for the obsession. It is misleading to assume that criminal activities are illegal.
It is now the right time for Republican candidates and legislators. The right-wing media should show some backbone
Trump must be strongly rejected. Trump’s failure to do so in recent years has created a monster that intimidates. This country will be consumed. It is up to them, their supporters, visitors, and customers to let the world know that Trump’s incitements to violence or dangers to legislation regulation are unacceptable in America. For all those who claim that a former head of state should not be confronted. It would be a serious offense to try to bring down a former president. If Trump does not leave, the insurrectionists can assume that they can attack our democracy while getting away with it. They will. Americans are for the moment pro-freedom and support regulation control. The levers of power. But how long?

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