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Robert Reich: The Case for Donald Trump’s Prosecution| Robert Reich


He must be prosecuted to preserve what's left
of our democracy. Trump spent many years trying to avoid the consequences of his actions
He is grateful for the wealth he has accumulated.
His vast empire of fraudulent schemes. Now, he’s counting on
His political power to protect himself from more serious crimes. Every day, we wait for the right to hold
Trump being held accountable empowers him
He and others like him can wreak havoc upon our society
Constitution and rule of law  Take for instance Trump’s
Recent threat: If he is indicted on theft of classified documents, these are the threats
of a bully and a fraud who knows he’s been cornered. As the window for
To close accountability, three things must happen: Trump incited an
Attack on the Capitol, theft of top-secret documents and illegally arranged
To reverse the results of the 2020 election.

Attorney General
Merrick Garland, Department of Justice
must stand firm in the face of Trump’s efforts
They must intimidate him. They must hold him accountable. This isn’t a question of If it is, then
The Constitution and the rule-of-law versus authoritarianism
and tyranny. If Trump succeeds — if he intimidates his way out of being held accountable, we're giving up on our democracy and asking for this kind of lawlessness to prevail. Media must
This is not a case of two people.
There are many sides to this story. The obsession with in the face of Trump’s
The very idea of crimes can be misleading.

It is now that Republican candidates and lawmakers are ready to take on the role of president.
The right-wing media should show some courage and vigorously reject Trump. Their inability to do so has created a monster which threatens.
To consume this country. It’s up to them to tell their constituents, followers, readers and viewers that there is no place in America for Trump’s threats to the rule of law or his incitements to violence. All those who say that a former president shouldn’t face the law.
criminal prosecution because it would set a — isn’t it more dangerous to allow a former president to avoid accountability for actions that violate the law and the Constitution? Insurrectionists will believe they can attack our democracy without being punished if Trump is not brought to justice.

They will be correct. Americans favor democracy and rule of law control for the time being
The levers that give power. But how long?

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