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The DeSantis Stall


Playbook: “On the fundraising front, there is more evidence of a campaign losing momentum. DeSantis raised $20 million in Q2 despite only being a candidate for six weeks of the reporting period. That’s a figure well behind Trump’s $35 million, but likely substantially ahead of every other Republican candidate.”

“But dig into that figure: The $20 million includes an impressive $8.2 million on his first day as a candidate. Which means that after Day One, he raised an average of just over $300,000 a day for the next 36 days of the fundraising quarter.”

“We won’t know how quickly things slowed down until official numbers are released in a week, but clearly there was a significant dropoff.”

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We also don’t know the number of double-maxxers — those who gave the legal maximum to both primary and general election campaigns — as well as the breakdown of small donors.

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