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The Erasure of Women from Online Pregnancy Literature


I’m 32 years old and don’t have children quite yet, but I’m pregnant with two of them. I spent the first trimester lying on my back, clutching a pillow and trying to not throw up. Nearly every day, my eyes were stabbed by migraines. I was sickened by the scent of soap and my hormonally oily skin. I couldn’t eat. I couldn’t leave the house. I couldn’t be around my husband or my pets, and I sank into a miserable puddle of exhausted, nauseated depression. As a result, my house was in chaos. I couldn’t be with my husband and pets, so all I could do was lay down on my bed and read the pregnancy websites and medical journals that described what was happening in me and assured me it was all normal.

I am reading popular websites about parenting and pregnancy such as Parents And Verywell Family, however, I discovered something strange: Many of these publications are making a deliberate effort to scrub words such as “woman” And “mother” from newly published articles, in favor of something called “gender-inclusive language.” Even venerable scientific publications such as the Lancet and Science are falling in with this trend, or else issuing caveats about how, “unless otherwise specified, the terms women and men refer to…

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