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Every Zodiac Sign will be affected by the Full Moon in January 2023


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There’s an emotionally charged lunation headed our way, but before we discuss Each zodiac sign will be affected by the full moon in January 2023, let’s take a closer look at the astrology behind the present moment.

It’s important to note that while we’re technically kicking off a brand-new year, the energy of Mars retrograde and Mercury retrograde can feel like the opposite of starting again. Retrograde cycles can be used to revisit, reconsider, and reassess energies we have dealt with in the past. This is why retrograde cycles are so well-known for bringing back the past. It’s not everyday Mercury retrogrades while Mars retrogrades through Gemini—a Mercury-ruled zodiac sign—but I digress.

The full moon is always a celebration for completion, culmination and reward. And when we look up at the full moon all lit up the night, it illuminates something that’s been hidden from our conscious mind. Think of it this way: the moon, which is the symbol of our intuition, innermost emotions, and emotional foundations, sits directly in front of the sun, which is the representation of our egos, external identities, and physical reality during full moon. So, in addition to this being a call for balance—between…

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