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The Hamasification of the Red Cross


There is no such thing as an “international” organization in Gaza. There is only international funding. Once you understand that, you can see the conflict much more clearly. Once in Gaza, everything is an adjunct of Hamas.

Shocked to see a recent AP and CNN freelance journalist taking a selfie while being kissed by Hamas’s Oct. 7 mastermind Yahya Sinwar? Surprised that reporters’ dispatches are censored by Hamas first? Don’t be—just follow the rule that everything in Gaza is subordinated to Hamas regardless of how, when, or why it got there in the first place.

Same goes for an Israeli hostage’s revelation that he was held by a UN schoolteacher, or that UNRWA schools double as weapons depots, or that food and relief supplies make their way directly to Hamas not for distribution but for hoarding or tunnel-building.

The key to this whole enterprise turns out to be very simple: Just keep moving the same “Western officials” around Gaza like pieces on a chessboard. What looks like a massive gathering of NGO do-gooders is in reality a Hamas masquerade ball.

The funders and feeders and enablers of this charade are surprisingly up-front about it.

Pierre Mardini’s term as the director-general of the International Committee of the Red Cross is coming to an end. The Red Cross excitedly announced its new…

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