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The Left Will Launch Another “Insurrection” If Trump Wins


The Left Will Launch Another “Insurrection” If Trump Wins
Selwyn Duke

When a child isn’t punished for throwing a tantrum and instead gets his way, he repeats the behavior in the future. So it will be with the Left, too, should Donald Trump win the presidency this year. Having gotten away with roiling the country in 2020 and driving him from office (by hook and crook), writes commentator Rich Lowry, they would make 2025 the wildest year politically in American history.

In fact, the Left would launch an “insurrection” (the word has been redefined, remember) that might make 2020 look tame.

Emphasizing this reality, Lowry observes with wry understatement that Trump’s “adversaries don’t have a history of accepting his victories with equanimity.”

“Trump’s unexpected victory in 2016 launched conspiracy theories about how Russia had helped him win; catalyzed a years-long law enforcement investigation into him and his campaign based on those theories; and set off protests in the streets,” the writer continues.

“All that was mild, given what may yet be in the offing.”

Lowry then notes that Trump’s opponents claim to be alarmed by his post-2020 actions and his labeling of his current campaign a “revenge tour,” and a few may even be sincere.

“For most of them, though, saving democracy doesn’t mean…

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