Home News The Leftist Attacks On ‘Rich Men North of Richmond’ Begin – RedState

The Leftist Attacks On ‘Rich Men North of Richmond’ Begin – RedState


When a Virginia farmer named Oliver Anthony came out of nowhere and gave America a song that spoke to their frustrations about this country, the people celebrated in a big way. Social media sites couldn’t stop talking about him and he shot to the number one spot on iTunes. 

As RedState previously reported, the song’s popularity stems from it voicing the frustrations of Americans all over the country. From fat people on welfare to Epstein’s island, from young men’s rising suicide rates to our failing economy, Anthony’s song resonates with the people to the point where it caused more than a few tears from those who heard it. 

It’s truly a song for the people. One that only comes along once in a blue moon, and even then, few hit as hard as “Rich Men North of Richmond.” 

Naturally, this was going to upset the people who are either elites or are, at least, huge fans of the elites. It was only a matter of time before they began trying to minimize the song’s reach and effect. All they had to do was wait a moment before they got the ammo they needed. 

The moment right-leaning influencers like Matt Walsh and Dan Bongino stepped up to use their platforms to spread the song around was the moment the left had what they needed to attack the song that…

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