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There Is No Peacetime Hamas


“Don’t look away” has been a constant mantra since Oct. 7. The phrase is usually invoked regarding the videos and photographic evidence of Hamas barbarism on and after Oct. 7. But even after the last of those frames flashes across your television or computer screen, don’t look away.

Because now comes just-as-essential proof of Hamas’s intent. It was about noon here on the east coast when we finally got full confirmation of the list of hostages returned today, the first day of the ceasefire, and their condition. The list shows 13 Israelis, as expected. Only four of them are children (again, this is only the first batch). The monsters of Hamas are showing themselves who they are not just in wartime and in battle but as an administrating power in Gaza. Don’t look away.

And, crucially, it’s not just Hamas’s treatment of child hostages. “Overnight Thursday-Friday, Hamas urged Gazans to return to the north of the Strip, where the IDF has focused its ground offensive for the past three weeks. The truce deal, under which the Gaza-governing Hamas terror group is set to free 50 Israeli hostages over four days from Friday, bars Gazans from returning to the north of the Strip,” reports the Times of Israel. This comes after, you’ll remember, Hamas blocked many Gazans from getting out of harm’s way…

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