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This Book Publisher is Lucky That He Didn’t End up Aborting


I’d like to think I’m a kind person. I attend church. I volunteer. I care about the community. But if I were presented with a choice to save a collection of human embryos over a middle-aged New York book publisher, I wouldn’t hesitate. I’d save the children, and apparently that makes me a bad person.

Eric Nelson, an executive at Broadside Books (which is part of HarperCollins Publishers) and a self-described “libertarian quaker,” outlined a hypothetical on Twitter Thursday morning. In it, he asserted that nobody actually believes unborn babies are real people and asked his followers whether they’d save toddlers over embryos.

“No human alive believes a fetus is a human,” Nelson wrote in a since-deleted post, following his claim with a ludicrous scenario to make his point. “If someone says they do, ask them this: A case with 25 frozen perfect embryos and a stroller with 3 toddlers are in a burning building. There is time to save either one. Which do you grab?”

Well, I certainly wouldn’t pee on this guy to put a fire out before saving the babies, or “embryos” as he called pre-born children in an effort to dehumanize them.

Fetuses do exist, it is not a myth. These are human. Nelson can call them “embryos,” or “cells,” or “eggs,” or “tissues,” or…

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