Home Politics Tom witnessed firsthand how Donald Trump’s refusal of acquiesce to the election.

Tom witnessed firsthand how Donald Trump’s refusal of acquiesce to the election.


I'' m Tom Logan as well as I'' m talking to you from Tokyo, Japan. I am one 8 million Americans who have chosen to live abroad. I, myself am signed up in the state of Nevada as well as I'' ve been a Republican for every one of my ballot life. We, Americans overseas, can see most of the time the influence of America'' s policies overseas. We see the impact of Donald Trump’s refusal to accept the results of the democratically-held election in the USA as president. This is something I didn’t expect to see in my lifetime. We see legal actions that were filed in error being combined. We see a lack in participation and a refusal to permit the facility of
Change teams to accomplish their work. The location of nationwide protection is the most detrimental to the US. Below, in Asia, we have plenty to do. We have plenty to do from Iran, further down the road, to China and then on to North Korea, right next door. It ' s just a matter of time that you ' re. It is more difficult to find a justification if this goes on for too long. relating to the peaceful transfer of power in America. Japanese is a common language I hear. inform me things such as: In English, “Tom, what ' s. up with the tyrant. What are his chances of allowing his?
. Power to be given up? This is not a joke. These are serious issues that require severe attention.

. friends from the USA, and allies in Japan. From trainees to people I know in the Japanese federal system. So, we ' re pleading as Republicans. They acknowledge the rule and recognize the permissive transfer of.
power and also recognize the election of Donald trump ' s challenger, Vice Head of state. Joe Biden was at the moment head of state choice.

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