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Top Beauty Execs on Dream Jobs Outside of the Industry – WWD


I’ve always been passionate about helping women succeed and am grateful to be in a field that allows me to live my passion every day. While I love being in beauty, If I had to choose a different profession, it would be to lead a nonprofit organization focused on providing support and resources to help women advance and better their lives. I strongly believe we can all realize our dreams if given the chance and opportunity, and to be in a position to help others find success through a rewarding career is not only deeply fulfilling on a personal level, but can also make a significant impact on the world. — Kecia Steelman, president and chief operating officer, Ulta Beauty

I would absolutely be a full-time fitness expert. I am a certified indoor cycling instructor and I was recently teaching weekly at Byklyn in Brooklyn. My second dream job (because beauty is still my first!) would be teaching full-time and being an overall fitness instructor teaching various classes — I love to move my body and encourage others to do the same. — Tiffani Carter, chief marketing officer, Danessa Myricks Beauty

I would be an educator. The ability to communicate, connect and enable others to grow…

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