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Trans-Identifying Swimmer Shows True Colors In Social Media Post


Trans-identifying swimmer Lia Thomas dressed the part of an “Antifa super soldier” in a recent Instagram post shared by partner Gwen Luxemburg.

Thomas, who made headlines competing for the women’s NCAA swimming championship while still a fully intact biological male, wore all black – sunglasses, black shorts, a black BDSM harness, and a black shirt emblazoned with the words “Antifa super soldier.”

Screenshot/Instagram Stories

Screenshot/Instagram Stories

Since the NCAA championships, one of Thomas’ own teammates at University of Pennsylvania has spoken out, saying that she felt bullied into accepting the presence of a biological male on the team, in the locker room, and in competition.

Paula Scanlan spoke with The Daily Wire host Matt Walsh about her experience, saying that she was ready to join outspoken Lia Thomas critic Riley Gaines in doing whatever she could to protect women’s sports.

Scanlan recalled a meeting during which the girls on the team were informed that Thomas’ spot on the team was “non-negotiable” and they were warned that action could be taken against them if they were to speak with media about the situation.

“After that meeting, they really scared us. It was scary, and I was…

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