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Trump could be facing a rape lawsuit in November


Trump got a limited victory in appeals court on E. Jean Carroll’s defamation suit, but he faces a potential rape lawsuit in November.

Politico reported:

Carroll’s libel suit may wind up being of secondary concern to Trump since she has signaled she plans to file a new suit in November that directly accuses Trump of rape and seeks damages for the alleged attack itself.

New York’s state law will take effect November 1. This allows Carroll and other plaintiffs to bring civil cases against each other for sex crimes.

Trump is about to announce his 2024 presidential campaign, so the potential rape lawsuit could be just in time.

A potential rape suit would create huge headlines, and be a significant departure from the countless criminal and civil legal issues Trump faces. E. Jean Carroll is steadfast in her assertion that Donald Trump raped and raped it.

Fundamentally, it is wrong that Trump and Bill Barr used the Justice Department to defend Trump during the defamation lawsuit. Attorney General Merrick Garland continued that defense.

Donald Trump might finally have to answer the allegations that he raped E. Jean Carroll if the Executive Branch of America’s government does not provide the cover needed.

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