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Trump insists he will ‘absolutely’ testify at criminal trials


Former President Donald Trump says he plans to testify in his own defense when his criminal cases go to trial next year.

The 77-year-old faces a total of 91 charges across four criminal cases — all as he seeks another term in the White House.

If convicted on all charges, the 2024 frontrunner faces a mind-boggling 712 years and six months behind bars.

“Oh, yes, absolutely,” Trump said Wednesday in an interview on The Hugh Hewitt Show.

“I look forward, I look forward to testifying. At trial, I’ll testify,” he insisted.

However, the ex-commander-in-chief, who attacked special counsel Jack Smith as “deranged,” told Hewitt that he wouldn’t preview all of what he’s prepared to tell jurors.

“If you do and they ask you on the stand, did you order anyone to move boxes, how will you answer?” the talk show host asked.

“I’m not answering that question for you, but I’m totally covered under the law,” Trump responded.

“If you read the Presidential Records Act, just read it. You take a look at it. I’m totally covered under the law. It’s a civil act. It’s civil. Now Biden had no civil act,” he continued.

“The things he did are criminal. But he doesn’t have a deranged person on his case. You know, they gave me deranged Jack Smith. He’s got a man who’s a normal…

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