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Trump Just Gave Jack Smith A Big Christmas Present


Trump is freaking out on Christmas Eve and demanding criminal immunity for his alleged crimes against the United States and attempted coup.

Trump posted on Truth Social, “I wasn’t campaigning, the Election was over. I was doing my duty as President to expose and further investigate a Rigged and Stolen Election. It was my obligation to do so, and the proof found is voluminous and irrefutable. Therefore, among other reasons, of course I am entitled to IMMUNITY. ADDITIONALLY, I DID NOTHING WRONG. Stop the Witch Hunt NOW!”

Constitutionally speaking, the presidency has no investigative powers. Congress has oversight authority. The president has no role in administering or overseeing elections. Trump had no power or the authority to ‘investigate’ anything.

Elections aren’t a part of official presidential duties.

The courts have consistently ruled that Trump was acting as a candidate contesting an election. The evidence for these rulings is that the effort to overturn the election was running through the Trump campaign. Trump himself consistently stated that the election was not over and he was fighting the results.

In his Truth Social freak out, Trump is admitting that the election was over and that he was attempting to stay in power illegally.

Trump’s social media post is a gift to Special Counsel Jack…

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