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Trump only cares about Trump, Trump voters only care about Trump, Trump co-conspirators are screwed


At this point, Donald Trump faces four separate indictments, 91 felony charges, and a current maximum sentence of 696.5 years in prison. Which sounds like a good start.

But in addition to his tax fraud, theft of classified documents, and attempts to overturn the 2020 election, there’s another big area of concern where Trump currently faces no charges. As The Guardian reported back in June of 2022, Trump not only raked in $250 million by whining to his followers about how the “witch hunt” was out to get him, he claimed to be stashing that money away in a “election defense fund” that never existed.

Now, the 18 co-defendants in Georgia and three co-defendants in Florida would like some of that cash to deal with their own, very real, legal concerns. But that’s not happening.

On Monday, Jenna Ellis, former Trump attorney and current host of the “Jenna Ellis Show on X,” took to social media to express clear displeasure and a none-too-subtle threat.

Ellis certainly isn’t the only one with her hand out. Over the weekend, The New York Times reported that Rudy Giuliani repeatedly tried to get Trump to part with some cash. In Giuliani’s case, he isn’t looking for a gift at the moment. He only wants Trump to pay the bills Giuliani has turned in since he…

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