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Trump’s PAC Pays Melania Trump Fashion Designer While It Is Under Investigation for Fraud


The DOJ is investigating Trump’s Save America PAC for fraud, but that hasn’t stopped them from using donor funds to pay for Melania Trump’s fashion designer.

Here’s the item in The Washington Post’s recent disclosure report, by Issac Slacker-Becker:

Trump is spending little money supporting candidates or fighting “election fraud.” which was the stated purpose of the super PAC. Donald Trump isn’t a candidate for anything. His wife is not a candidate nor a public figure. Melania Trump isn’t making official or public appearances. She doesn’t turn up at Trump’s rallies and speak. Trump doesn’t have any legal justification for paying for her clothes.

Because of this type of spending, the DOJ is investigating Trump’s super PAC and his super-PAC for fraud. The super PAC was founded on a lie. The continuation of this lie continues to fund the super PAC’s ability to raise ridiculous amounts of money.

Open Secrets reports that the Save America PAC raised more than $103 million between 2021 and 22. ,…

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