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TUCKER CARLSON: Evan McMullin is a fraud — Utah voters should know what they’re voting for


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While it seems like Donald Trump is a permanent Washingtonian, it’s actually not true. Trump was viewed in Washington as a joke for years. He was a celebrity sideshow. His presence at the White House Correspondents’ dinner was a joy for many, even after the 2016 primaries. Many professional Republicans were still present, including Joe Scarborough and Bill Kristol. There was a lot of positive talk about Donald Trump.  

That changed at the Republican debate in Greenville (South Carolina) on February 13, 2013. Donald Trump then criticized the Iraq War. He said that “Obviously, the invasion of Iraq was a huge, fat mistake”. But that didn’t make it any less obvious. You weren’t.  

Many thousands of lobbyists, analysts at think tanks, and hack beltway journalists owe both their salaries, and their reputations, to perpetuating the lie that American Foreign Policy was successful, everything was fine. That was a lie that no one believed. Although the evidence was overwhelming on the side of the opposing party, it wasn’t enough to…

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