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U2 Brings Quiet Power With ‘Songs of Surrender’ – RedState

U2 Brings Quiet Power With ‘Songs of Surrender’ – RedState

Every veteran music artist invariably faces a career-defining moment. Do they forge ahead in an effort to remain artistically fresh, or do they settle into a bank account-friendly path of occasionally hopping aboard a tour bus to trot out the oldies for the faithful?

Suppose an artist has long since lost pop culture relevancy. In that case, the latter path is mandatory, maybe on occasion making a new album for the 30,000 or so diehard followers still interested in something new. But when you’re U2, otherwise known as the biggest band in the world, the choice becomes far less clear. In its own “yeah, we’ll do what we want” way, the band has chosen to walk both paths simultaneously with “Songs of Surrender,” a new album filled with ofttimes radical reworkings of songs known to all and barely familiar to even the most devoted fan.

The Edge concisely describes the album:

“When a song becomes well known it’s always associated with a particular voice. I can’t imagine Tangled Up in Blue without Bob Dylan’s reedy timbre or All The Time in the World without the unique voice of Louis Armstrong. So what happens when a voice develops new tonalities as experience and maturity give it additional resonance?

“U2 have been around long enough to know what that feels like and sounds like. It’s true…

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