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Ukraine’s Counteroffensive Hasn’t Gone As Well As Expected. Here’s Why


  • Ukraine’s counteroffensive has slowed against deeply-entrenched Russian defenses and may not reach a key objective, but it’s too early to determine whether it has proven a failure, experts told the Daily Caller News Foundation.
  • Ukrainian troops have changed tactics and refocused on managing an attrition war over the long term, according to media reports.
  • “This is going to last for years, in one way or the other. And we should not base our enthusiasm or our willingness to provide Ukraine weapons and support based off whether or not the counteroffensive is a success or failure,” Luke Coffey, a senior fellow at the Hudson Institute, told the DCNF.

Ukraine’s anticipated counteroffensive has slowed to a grinding pace and dismayed commentators, who wonder whether the Ukrainians were properly positioned in the first place to achieve their aims.

Prior to the counteroffensive, which began in June, the West invested billions in training and equipping brigades of fresh Ukrainian troops to achieve key objectives, including severing Russia’s ground-based connected to the occupied Crimean peninsula. However, Kyiv’s military planners changed tactics after frontal assaults with Western…

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