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Val Demings Is Within the Margin Of Error Against Marco Rubio


When Democrats looked over the mid-term landscape and counted Republican states that could be U.S. Senate “pick-ups,” the first states that jumped out at the political pros were Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin, and even North Carolina, now in a  shockingly close. But no one thought “Florida.” (Or even Iowa, where Grassley has a three-point lead).

They might have been more careful. Val Demings, a strong candidate, has run a strong election and decimated Rubio during the debate. She is a candidate in Florida, which is currently considered to be the red state. According to Florida Politics

According to Victory Insights polling, Marco Rubio (Republican U.S. Senate) should win a third term. But even a week out from the election, his lead over Democrat Val Demings falls within polling’s margin of error.

A pollster with an office in Naples found that almost half of Florida’s likely voters intend to vote for Rubio in this year’s General Election. Below 46% plan to support Demings. Nearly 5% of voters remain undecided. But if those numbers are true, Demings will need to attract all those voters. If Demings win, it would only be inches.

Simulations by the company show Rubio will win by four percentage points. But the incumbent’s lead falls well within the poll’s 4.8-percentage-point margin…

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