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Vices of Mainstream Feminism


Three weeks ago VICE YouTube uploaded a debate about feministism. The framing indicated that this debate would not be exclusive. By feminists. Rather, the proceedings were described in the title as a collection of “Anti and Pro Feminists” arguing about “Abortion, Trans Rights, and #MeToo.” As of this writing, the video has more than 1.3 million views.

Sydney Watson, a YouTuber who has more than 800,000. Subscribers (to go with about ), was one of the panellists. 437,000 Twitter followers) who self-describes on Facebook as “a right-wing Australian with opinions on politics, feminism and men’s rights.” Following the debate, Watson posted a video titled, “I was on VICE’s insane feminism panel,” which gives you some sense of her opinion about the event. The video is also more than one-million views.

Calling it “insane” may be a little hyperbolic. Watson is correct in saying that feminism was not a positive outcome of the debate. Sadly, this won’t be a surprise to those of us who’ve been following the state of the movement.

Host Liz Landers, VICE’s chief political correspondent, introduced the debate with the claim that organizers had tried their best…

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