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Vivek Puts Media on the Spot With Stunning Questions, Their Response Should Concern Us All – RedState


Vivek Ramaswamy certainly seems to have a talent in knowing how to deal with media. We’ve seen this now on multiple occasions where he has taken apart reporters who try to take him out but find the tables being turned on them. The most recent examples of this were when he decimated NBC’s Dasha Burns as well as a WaPo reporter on questions about racism and white supremacy. 


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But the questions he asked the media on Wednesday were truly something else. He was talking with two state reps, and one of them wanted to know if that was any of the nationally media who believed they were wrong? 

Vivek said that was a great question, and then he asked the assembled media that was there in front of him somethings I think we would all like to know from them.

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