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WATCH: Dem. Dean Phillips Reveals What He Found When He Visited Trump Rally


Rep. Dean Phillips (D-MN) is rather an interesting fellow. 

He told CNN he’s challenging Joe Biden because he has a “conviction” that Joe Biden is going to lose. He says he’s frustrated that his party can’t see that and, as I reported earlier, he thinks media should be focusing on the issues “that Americans give a sh** about.” He said that people were going to the Trump rally because former President Donald Trump was listening to them. 


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That was an interesting observation enough. But there was more. 

Phillips said he was sorry that there was this “culture of cowardice” of people who didn’t want to address the problem, but he was going to. The hosts brought up NH Gov. Chris Sununu claiming former President Donald Trump was going to lose. “He knows Trump is going to win,” Phillips said of Sununu. “The writing is on the wall.” He said that he would be very surprised if Nikki Haley was still in the race a few weeks from now. 

But that’s when he said something that truly surprised me. At about 3;10 in the video, he described how he went to a Trump rally…

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