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Watching the Trans Bubble Burst

Watching the Trans Bubble Burst

Transgender activism is failing. Badly. A new Washington Post-Kaiser Family Foundation poll is definitive. Americans aren’t buying the trans fairytale about magical, shapeshifting creatures who can will themselves into anything they want and live happily ever after. “Most Americans don’t believe it’s even possible to be a gender that differs from that assigned at birth,” report Laura Meckler and Scott Clement. And if the poll didn’t use the false and misleading “assigned at birth” formulation, you can bet that the number of Americans who say that gender is a simple chromosomal reality would be even greater than the 57 percent majority reported here.

The Post’s report on the poll is an exercise in struggling with harsh facts, beginning with the headline: “Most Americans support anti-trans policies favored by GOP, poll shows.” It’s not “anti-trans” to recognize that sex is immutable. It’s pro-reality.

And the numbers reveal a much saner country than you might infer from observing media and politicians. Not only do majorities in every age category believe that one’s sex is locked in at birth, but most Americans are opposed to trans females competing against biological females at every level of athletics—from youth sports (62 percent) to the pros (65 percent). Sixty-eight percent…

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