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We Might Be in a Cold War With China, and Joe Biden Just Doesn’t Know About It – RedState


It seems like there’s certainly been an uptick in stories about China’s hostile actions against the U.S. – and, in particular, the U.S. military – over the course of 2023 so far.

We’ve had spy balloons, Chinese “police stations” and biolabs on U.S. soil, and, just recently, a pair of sailors who were caught selling some major secrets to the Chinese military. None of this really bodes well for our relationship with China, a hostile foreign power that the Biden administration has been simultaneously pretending to be tough on while also kowtowing to them.

John Hasson, who writes for our sister site Townhall, gave a pretty good timeline of those actions on Twitter yesterday.

Joe Biden, as pointed out above, promised that the U.S. would not be starting a”new Cold War” with China.

“I absolutely believe there need not be a new Cold War. I have met many times with Xi Jinping and we were candid and clear with one another across the board. I do not think there…

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