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Weekly Horoscope March 27-April 2: New Lovers & Friends

Weekly Horoscope March 27-April 2: New Lovers & Friends

Your horoscope for the week of March 27 to April 2 says universe has been throwing a lot of heavy stuff at us lately, with some very intense planetary interactions taking place these past couple of weeks. This week brings more upbeat energy, providing that “rah-rah” attitude you need to have a more positive outlook on life.

And right on cue, Monday’s conjunction between smart Mercury and all-embracing Jupiter in Aries is a great way to kick things off! Attaining your goals and living out your dreams is possible, says this fortunate meetup. And because Aries is one of the best self-promoters of the zodiac, this energetic aspect encourages you to hype yourself up and start believing in your amazing abilities again.

Thursday has a very collaborative vibe. With the inspired water trine between Mars in Cancer and Saturn in Pisces backing you, you can work seamlessly as part of a team to achieve a common goal. No one has a strict agenda during this “let’s help each other out” cosmic interplay, which should allow you to use your imagination to its fullest and come up with results that will slay the competition.

Thursday also brings an exciting conjunction between affectionate Venus and revolutionary Uranus in Taurus, urging you to make room for some spontaneous romantic encounters. Life is so much fun when you go with the flow and say yes to…

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