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What Women Can Learn From Jackie Kennedy, The Model Homemaker


As Wednesday marks the 60th anniversary of the tragic assassination of John F. Kennedy, historians and pundits will no doubt be evaluating his legacy. While the political successes and failures of his administration can be debated, much of what people love and remember about “Camelot” was directly influenced by First Lady Jackie Kennedy, including the image of “Camelot” itself. While our era urges women to compete directly with men, it is interesting to note that Jackie was not sitting at home discussing policy with her husband or even trying to influence policy.

The word “homemaker” often brings to mind sewing curtains and baking bread out on the prairie. Yet this narrow view of homemaking leaves out the innumerable other things that go into making a house a home. From restoring the White House and hosting state dinners to dressing stylishly and playing with her young children, Jackie Kennedy modeled a more appealing, and certainly more glamourous, type of homemaking.

During her brief tenure as first lady, she used her many strengths and talents to make a home not only for her family but for all of America in ways that were both traditional and aspirational. In an era starved for real culture and beauty, Jackie shows us how a woman can influence both her family and the nation in…

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