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All It Takes – Noah Rothman, Commentary Magazine


By late September, Pennsylvania Democrats could no longer ignore U.S. Senate candidate John Fetterman’s lingering health problems. As a result of a stroke he suffered in May, the state’s lieutenant governor “sometimes speaks haltingly,” ABC News reported last month, “pausing in the middle of sentences and slurring his words.” Republicans were accused of having “seized” on Fetterman’s post-stroke recovery, prompting “medical experts” to “reject as reductive” the GOP’s powers of observation. But when Democrats began convening focus groups in search of ways to disarm the attacks on their candidate’s health, it foreclosed on the notion that only partisan Republicans were alarmed by Fetterman’s medical issues.

But not everyone is convinced that Fetterman’s cognitive impairments are a legitimate issue. Readers of Rebecca Traister’s New York profile of the Keystone State’s Democratic Senate nominee will likely get the impression that questions about Fetterman’s health challenges are untoward, and his difficulties are actually a campaign-trail asset.

Fetterman stayed away from in-person events during the summer after his stroke. But by Autumn, he was “powering through his convalescence,” Traister notes, providing Pennsylvanians with confirmation that “his physical…

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