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When Actors Display Real-World Bravery Without A Script


Ian Ziering played the swashbuckling hero in six “Sharknado” romps.

The “90210” alum saved the day in the seriously silly saga. But he showed some real-world bravery recently during an encounter with a local mini bike gang.

It’s hardly the first time an actor took his heroism to the streets, but Ziering’s actions drew praise from his fellow “90210” stars and those who suggest action heroes can’t bring some Hollywood swagger to their private lives.

Ziering, driving in Los Angeles with his 12-year-old daughter on New Year’s Eve, was boxed in by an aggressive driver near Hollywood Blvd. Several members of a local mini bike gang surrounded stepped in front of the actor’s car to make sure he couldn’t drive away.

Ziering says he got out of his car to assess any damage, and, according to reports, threw the first punch at the bikers to clear space for him to drive away safely. The ensuing street brawl was captured on video with Ziering managing to escape. He was later seen comforting his frightened daughter.

Another on-screen action star, Benedict Cumberbatch, similarly did the right thing during a 2018 altercation. The man known to millions as Doctor Strange saw a cyclist…

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