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Where to Stream Florida State Vs. Georgia – StyleCaster


After some disappointing losses in college football, here’s how to watch the Orange Bowl live for free to see if The Florida State Seminoles or the Georgia Bulldogs come out on top.

The Orange Bowl is one of the oldest college football bowls in the nation—only behind the Rose Bowl. It frequently hosts the ACC champion in The Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida.

Both the Seminoles and the Bulldogs made it out of the four team College Football Playoffs. This particular game is a hornet’s nest with both teams trying to prove why they should’ve belonged in those ranks. “We have a hornet’s nest around here, too, of players that are disappointed. That works both ways,” Georgia coach Kirby Smart said. “The good news is we got each other to go play. I know they’ll be up for us and we’ll be up for them.”

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Smart also noted how some injuries led to younger players to play on the field “We’ve had a lot of guys who weren’t able to practice during this bowl run,” Smart said. However two players, linebacker Damon Wilson and Arian Smith are expected to return to the game.

“They want to finish together,” Smart said. “I think finishing is important, and we don’t talk enough about it. Everybody says, ‘This is what you should do.’ Kids who love football, they want to play football. And it’s the Orange…

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