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Hunter Biden’s artwork is being purchased by whom? Baby Mama Aims to Find out in Child Support Case – RedState


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Who in the world would shell out hundreds of thousands of dollars for fledgling modern artist Hunter Biden’s works? The mother of one of his children is asking a court to force the president’s son to reveal that information in an ongoing child support case in which the recovering crack addict is requesting his payments be reduced.

Biden cites “a substantial material change” in his “financial circumstances,” which can be translated to mean he’s no longer receiving massive questionable payments from Ukrainian natural gas giant Burisma or foreign governments like China.

Former stripper Lunden Roberts, 31, who is the mother of Hunter’s four-year-old daughter, wants “detailed information” on her ex-beau’s art earnings:

“The plaintiff asked for detailed information about the defendant’s works of ‘art’ and the purchasers of the same,” Clinton Lancaster, Roberts’ attorney, wrote in a Dec. 27, 2022, court filing.

“Even though the defendant has been the subject of articles by the New York Times regarding his ‘art,’ President Biden’s administration has taken measures to shield the White House from the buyers of the defendant’s ‘art,’ and the defendant was…

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