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Why Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg Aren’t Solely Fueling Jujitsu – WWD


While Elon Musk’s and Mark Zuckerberg’s social media sparring about a potential UFC cage match (depending on Musk’s back, that is) has made many Google “jujitsu,” the groundings of the self-defense martial art date back centuries.

The exact origins and native land of the combat sport are widely debated and even the name varies — with jiu-jitsu, jujutsu and jujitsu all being used. Depending whom you ask, some trace the heritage based on records, illustrations and manuscripts to Japan, China, Persia, Germany and Egypt. For example, a Babylonian copper stand from the third millennium B.C. depicts two men using a standard jujitsu position — a grappling technique meant to throw an opponent off balance by controlling a hip. Ground fighting and submission holds are also used to outsmart opponents.

Although judo and taekwondo have achieved Olympic sport status, jujitsu has not. Many fans keep up with elites via the UFC and lesser-known practitioners via local matches in their communities. In addition, celebrities like Ashton Kutcher, Ed O’Neill, Keanu Reeves, Kelly Slater, Tom Hardy, Jason Statham, Kate Upton, Russell Brand, Guy Ritchie and Demi Lovato who train in jujitsu have also fueled interest in what is considered the gentlest of the martial arts — the Japanese translation of “jiu” means gentle and “jitsu”…

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