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Why People are Freaking out About Donald Trump, Sarah Hyland and Pewdiepie.


Sup you beautiful bastards! Hope you're having a fantastic Friday, welcome back to the Philip Defranco show and if you are new here, here on Fridays we do something a little bit different. I’m covering viewer-requested stories. These are stories that we planned to include in the show, but had to be cut or we couldn’t film it so we could make it on time. Also if you're wondering why I'm wearing this shirt It's because I shot it on Thursday. And so with that said let's jump into our first story of the day. And the first thing I want To talk about today, and this is a story that's been requested all week, is Sarah Hyland has come under fire. Sarah Hyland, of Modern Family fame, is of course Sarah Hyland. On Sunday night Sarah Hyland posted a video for InStyle as part of this year's after-party elevator series. She's the first of many celebrities that Participated this year and while other videos from InStyle showed celebrities posing with their award, drinking champagne, even highlighting the Time's Up initiative, Sarah Hyland's was different.

She posted the following video with the caption: "2018 starting off great. Tip #1: Don’t drink alone. Drink with John the bellhop @instylemagazine party" And this is the video (Elevator dings) (Sensual music plays) (music stops) So in the video we see Hyland drinking champagne, She's acting tipsy, she tries to leave the elevator, Stumbles backwards into John the bellhop's arms and almost instantly the criticism and hate was getting thrown her way. People claiming it was inappropriate given the recent emphasis on sexual harassment. People who felt it was offensive. This is because on Sunday, so many Golden Globes viewers stood up against women being exploited. To read a few, "Really? This climate? A young girl is shown drunkenly falling into the arms a man older than her. Tone deaf much?" "Why is she allowing a man to touch her inappropriately Is this not going against what the night stands for" But we also saw those rushing to her defense.

One user asking, "What about it was poor timing? It would have been unprofessional if she had been dragged back in the elevator and forced to do something. But that is not the Case. It was a very cute video. People need to stop trying to make everything offensive." Others called it harmless. Hyland's only responds to the criticism thus Far was a tweet where she wrote, "#Johnthebellhop Is a very nice old man. FYI completely sober" And I will say personally I land on the side of this isn't really offensive. Like I pride myself on trying to see where other people are coming from, putting myself in someone else's shoes and Then viewing the situation. But I just went back to the video And it's amazing to me that this story ha-has continued throughout this week getting new coverage user Jenniz2013 writing, "This is so trashy and I cannot believe you haven't taken it down yet. What in the world would make you think that you're doing exactly what we are blamed for doing all the time would be funny? Many young women admire you, and that is what you find hilarious. You are not funny.

At all." If I was angry, I could be furious at this video. Sarah Hyland treating John the bellhop as an object could be a reason for me to get angry, if that’s what I want. This guy, who's definitely a real bellhop and not an actor, has been used like a prop. He's just trying to do his job Sarah Hyland's using him like a bookshelf. She then steals his property, and she would have gone away with the too if She didn't stumble backwards, backwards into the man She just robbed and used as an object. And I think in general There is a reason to be outraged about many things in our society Many of the things that are trying to be addressed by so many movements right now But when you waste, and I really do believe it's waste your energy hating on a situation that, like this I think it's a goofy stupid video when you waste so much energy on that and it takes you away from The real causes I think that you honestly do care about, I don't think it Helps your cause and I think it takes away from people taking you seriously, but of course That's my opinion and I'll pass question off to you.

What are your thoughts on this? Let's talk about a viewer-requested story people asked me to respond to Polygons article "Pewdiepie is using Logan Paul's drama to repair his own reputation." Polygon is doing what they do best, and making a story about Pewdiepie. The story then goes into comment about Felix who, at first, was a Massive gaming YouTuber. He is now a commentary Youtuber. And then they write, "But Pewdiepie is Also using his react videos as a way — joking or not to argue that he should be granted the same level of immunity that he feels Logan Paul has been given." Pewdiepie saying "It seems like I got in a lot more shit for a lot less.

And like I said I Don't think he should have any sort of repercussion or whatever from YouTube, But at the same time hashtag bring back scare PewDiePie." And it ultimately closes, "As Pewdiepie continues to help YouTube profit from the worst behavior of its biggest stars, He keeps the cycle of fame that got us, and him, here in the first place." And I skimmed the explanation of the article you can go — I'll link to it down below. A few things. One PewDiePie has been an online commentary channel for some time now. It's just inherently interesting to a lot of people to see what one of the largest YouTubers in the world thinks on something especially if It's around the community. Two, the headline "[He's] using this drama to repair his own reputation" No, I don't see that as what he's doing.

I think he's commenting on the treatment of another YouTuber that's in a similar I would argue a worse situation., And how at the time he recorded that video it seemed like he was getting so much less shit. Logan Paul, unlike Felix, was still part Google Preferred Ads at the time. Many people, including myself, were making comparisons to Logan’s treatment. And the third thing of kind of blaming PewDiePie for talking about this and keeping it relevant and giving people more subscribers because he's talking about, you could easily make that argument about when Polygon or any other news site talks about a messed up situation. When you talk about it Whether it's in a good light or a bad light, you are bringing This person's face To people that had not seen it yet and Matpat made a video about this the other day and really hit it on the head, When all these news websites jump on the outrage train And then they embed the video of the thing that is so horrible and wrong, because of YouTube's algorithm It makes it far more likely that the video is going to go to top trending on YouTube And then more people become aware.

Everyone is part of the problem. However, in general I felt like an insignificant article. But there you go That's my response. And then let's talk about the update around that Louisiana teacher situation, so we talked about it earlier this week, but on Monday night the Vermilion Parish school system had a meeting where they were discussing a new contract for their superintendent. Some people were not happy with the $38,000 raise that was included in the contract for the Superintendent. Hargrave was acknowledged to have spoken before and after the vote. After being identified, Hargrave was informed her comments were not in the correct order. She was then asked to leave by an officer.

Hargrave is forced to leave the room after a fight. What are your intentions?
-(Unknown) Don't Can you explain–
-Why do you pull me? -Officer – Stop resisting.
I was just pushed to the ground. Stop! You are way smaller than me! And she ended up being charged with remaining after being forbidden and resisting an officer She was bonded out of the School Board said they're not going to press charges yesterday the Louisiana Association of educators post a video from Hargrave where she thinks the public for their support and urges people to speak out. And I'd like to thank my community, My students, my fellow co-workers and educators. It was amazing that you messaged me and wore black to support me. You also shared your thoughts on social media. That is what I consider the most important thing.

So please don't let the conversation end with me, please Go to your local school board meetings, speak out, be vocal. Hargrave also told the media that she wants an apology from the marshal and the superintendent saying, "He's our leader. He's the top person in this school board and ultimately he was speaking and he was interrupted like I was. He should have stopped that." She also described what had happened on camera. In the video we see that she's leaving then the next thing we know she's being slammed down on the ground. She said that, "as she walked towards the door she turned her head and asked why am I being asked to leave." Adding "Before I Finished the question He cuffed my left hand, grabbed my right hand down and that's when I was on the floor And I started yelling 'what are you doing?'" Now as far as the note of Hargrave getting an apology I don't know about the superintendent.

I don't know about the police officer. But one person She's definitely not going to get an apology from is the board president. Anthony Fontana, board president, did a telephone interview and had these words to say about the situation. (Fontana). Everybody wants (inaudible). Poor little girl who was thrown out. But she made a decision. She could have walked away.

And that's what had happened Then in a separate comment adding, "she was interrupting the board meeting. She wouldn't allow that to happen in a classroom And now she's going to pull that stunt. One board member was getting ready for a speech when she slapped him. That's when the officer acted. I think he acted properly." Okay, so there are some issues all around.

One, I would like to say Anthony Fontana. You sir, are a cunt. (Imitating Fontana). Oh, the poor little girl. It’s good to see someone with power who is dismissive. To the note of she wouldn't allow that in a classroom I have a feeling that her middle schoolers probably wouldn't be forcibly arrested by someone. Three especially, after being recognized she was engaged in a heated exchange with another member of the board.

And so where we are right now the governor of Louisiana has said this is a Very unfortunate situation saying there's going to be an investigation. The ACLU and the Louisiana Association of Educators are also conducting an investigation. Anthony Fontana, and all the other dipshits that are on that board who agree with Fontana, I have this to share. It's not about her being a woman. It's about there being a person trying to speak on an unjust situation, in a situation where there are many Allegations of corruption. You have someone trying to be peaceful and engage in this democracy And they get shut down by law enforcement, and it's just a disgusting abuse of power. Then let's talk about shithole gate. Literally, no one is calling it that. I just wanted to call it shitholegate. According to the Washington Post "Thursday in the Oval Office when lawmakers floated the idea of restoring protections for immigrat[ions] Haiti, El Salvador, Africa and other countries [This is] part of a bipartisan immigration deal." Trump reportedly said according to multiple sources, "Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here." Trump suggested that the United States should bring more people from Norway, whose Prime Minister he met with Wednesday.

The president then suggested that he would openly accept more immigrants from Asian countries because they had helped the United States in economic terms. Then saying "why do we need more Haitians? They should be taken out. The Associated Press Also reported on this and soon after the White House responded to this report saying, "certain Washington politicians choose to fight for foreign countries, President Trump will always fight for the American people. Only an agreement that addresses both the chain migration system and visa lottery will be accepted by the resident. Two programs that hurt our economy and allow terrorists into our country." And then there's some more stuff But none of it's denying the comment and the statement goes on But if you paid attention at no point do they say the President of the United States did not Say this. They don't and the fact is most people that heard this news went, yeah He probably said that. Both people who dislike Trump and those who love him. Another example is the words of people who dislike Donald Trump.

He's bigoted, some saying he's racist. The people that like Donald Trump saying hey He's not politically correct and those places are shit holes. That argument was brought up by Fox News to Donald. This statement resonates with a good chunk of Donald Trump's base. It doesn't really move the needle and Donald Trump had the chance to quickly deny. He was tweeting at the same time that this was being reported on all the news stations, while the Whitehouse was receiving press inquires.

But then finally this morning Donald Trump tweeted and denied the Accusation saying, "the language used by me at the DACA meeting was tough, but this was not the language used. The most difficult part was the outrageous proposal that was made, which was a huge setback for DACA. Haitians were not derogatory. Never said 'take them out.' Dems have made me a great friend with Haitians. Probably should record future meetings – Unfortunately no trust!" So it appears that he's denying that he specifically said shithole countries.

While he denied making derogatory comments about Haitians, you should pay closer attention to the initial claim. He claimed that he said “take Haiti out” and that he made a comment about African nations. But for the most part it appears the president's plan has greatest hits And he's claiming fake news. In response to this claim, senator Dick Durbin attended the meeting and said that Donald Trump is lying. And here's What he said this morning
After Senator Graham had made his presentation, the president interjected several times and asked questions. He also said comments that were hateful, Vile, and racist. The president responded by tweeting that he did not use those words. It’s not true. These hate-filled statements were repeated by him. And then he went on when we started to describe the immigration from Africa that was being protected in this uh bipartisan measure That's what he used his vile and vulgar comments, calling the nations they come from shitholes the exact word used by the president not more-not Just once but repeatedly.

– We also saw a response from representative Mia Love a Republican from Utah saying, "the president's comments are unkind, divisive, elitist and flying in the face of our nation's values. The president must apologize to both the American people and to the nation's he wantonly maligned." Mia Love, a representative from the United States, is also a child of Haitian immigrants. We also saw a US Representative being summoned to explain Trump's comment to the Haitian government. We also saw Haiti's US ambassador condemn the comments saying he believed they were "based on stereotypes" adding, "either the president has been misinformed Or he is miseducated." Adding, "Haitians fought along US soldiers in the Revolutionary War, and we continue to be great contributors to American society." Ebba Kalondo, a spokesman for the African Union saying, "African Union Commission is frankly alarmed at statements by the President of the United States when referring to migrants of African countries and others in such contemptuous terms.

Considering the historical reality of how many Africans arrived in the US during the Atlantic slave trade this flies in the face of All accepted behavior and practice." And that's something I want to hit on. Some people claimed that he was merely commenting on the People, not the places. That seems to be a very strange Argument. Like if I was having a party and I was inviting people from New York and Boston and at one point I was like, I don't-why do we have to take people in from that shithole Boston? This is a comment on the people, as it looks like it would only be them. Especially then when you add Why can't we get more people from New York, aka Norway.

It does feel like a commentary on the people, not the place, that you are taking in the people once again. I feel like that's something that's getting lost in a lot of the debate people are just Saying well the place is bad. In the context of this is a conversation about immigration people coming to the United States It's about the people. It doesn’t matter to me whether Trump said it or not, but it does seem to me that he did say it. A Lot of people are now openly calling those places shitholes despite Trump's now denial You still have the Tomi Larenz and Ann Coulter's of the world going no yeah, yeah.

"If they aren't shithole countries Why don't their citizens stay there? Let's be honest call like it is." Ann Coulter adding, "Okay yes Trump Shouldn't call them shithole countries a little respect is in order. They are shithole nations." Many people with that mindset are vocal about it. So even if the President of the United States didn't say it, a ton Of Americans now are. On that note to international community, I want to say Donald Trump IS my president but he does NOT speak for me. Right. This is something our Secretary of State Rex Tillerson once had to admit. Donald Trump speaks for himself. -The president speaks for him Chris.
-There are people in this country that agree with that sentiment, but they are not the majority That's where I'm gonna end that one I'd love to know your thoughts on this, whether you're left, you're right, whatever.

What are your thoughts on the situation? And that's actually where I'm going to end today's show and remember if you like this video you like what I try and do on this channel, hit that like button! If you're new here hit that subscribe button. Make sure you don't miss these daily videos which actually if You did missed yesterday's show you want to catch up click or tap right there to watch that or if it need something a little Lighter wanna watch the newest behind-the-scenes vlog click or tap right there to watch that. But that said of course as always my name is Philip Defranco you've just been phill'd in. I love yo faces, and I'll see you Monday.

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