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Wie die U.S. Air Force 4 thermonukleare Atombomben in Spanien verlor | Bombenstimmung am Strand 1966


This is the dumbest 8-digit code you’ve ever seen. That'' s right: 8 times the number 0. That was also the security code that protected most American atomic bombs until 1977. Astonishing! It’s amazing! Because: The ability to drop nuclear bombs is more common than you might think. The U.S.A. Force, among other places, lost four atomic bombs to Spain in 1966. You heard it correctly: nukes were destroyed. Today'' s episode it is just partially about rockets. Below'' s why: I came across this unbelievable 60'' s tale while traveling in Spain.Unfortunately, the concern of nuclear tools is as topical today as it remained in the 1960s. Initial script was about space radiation research. The manuscript was unpublished for a time as I didn’t want to fuel any warranted concerns. On the various other hand, it'' s contemporary history and quite amazing. You should be aware of such things. I wear'' t want to comment on current growths whatsoever with today'' s episode, simply on one factor: nuclear weapons are ALWAYS dangerous.In today '

This video clips explains how the devastating nuclear tools accident in southern Spain took place and what it has got to do with projectiles. And also how on earth can anybody code 00000000 for America'' s nuclear tools. This is insane! Leave a LIKE to the video if this topic interests you. And if you put on'' t desire to miss the most up to date developments in astronautics, make certain to register for SENKRECHTSTARTER. Now on the topic these days'' s episode. I ' m right here in the small, tranquil Spanish town of Palomares and a quite crazy tale happened here in 1966. And we'' ll make clear that today. The Spanish Costa del Sol on the Mediterranean coast. For almost 30 years, I have lived here as a guest with my family. I enjoy the sea and landscape, and I often pass Palomares while riding along the coast and into the Sierra Nevada. I didn’t realize that this was the site of one of the most devastating nuclear weapon attacks in history for several years. It is my intention to start by pointing out that there have been two instances in my life which have had an amazing effect on my life. The first was my visit to Auschwitz’s memorial, and the second to the Hiroshima atomic bombing memorial. This area stands as the most important of all the human actions that we can make. Hiroshima was destroyed by the atomic bomb in August 1945. The explosive pressure was approximately 13,000 heaps of TNT. This is only a small portion of the current nuclear weapons’ potential. Each of the four B28FI Mod 2y1 nukes destroyed in Spain could return 1.1 million tonnes of TNT. This is 300 times more than the Little Young boy that exploded at Hiroshima. How could you lose something as incredible? As an example, you could lose these items if they are regularly flown around the globe. We are currently in the 1960s and following the Cuban Projectile Situation. This was the height of Cold Battle. The military strategists at that time believed it would help if they encouraged everyone to tell the other that they can get rid of them anytime.

Procedure Chrome Dome, which was located on the United States side, was used to accomplish this. From 1960 to 1968, United States Air Pressure flew bombing planes equipped with thermonuclear weapons along the Warsaw Pact/USSR border. Because they were based in the U.S.A., they needed to be refueled regularly in the air. On January, they refueled on the southerly route through the Mediterranean Sea and Balkans.

17th of December 1966: A B-52G bomber returned to flight at 9,450m altitude. It began airborne refueling with a KC-135R tanker. Both planes collided when they came within a short time. The KC-135, which was loaded with a maximum 120 tons of fuel, took flight, and another B-52 bombing aircraft nearby observed the action. All four team members of the vessel as well as 3 of the bombing plane'' s seven guys were eliminated. The tiny, peaceful Palomares was struck straight by particles, and three of the four atomic bombs. Thankfully, no further deaths were recorded. It was not even after traditional dynamites were contained in two bombs. What a wonderful example of good fortune in bad times! The nuclear holocaust could not have been prevented by safeguarding transportable bombs. Although the 4 B28FI bombs were hydrogen bombs, their damaging power was not due to nuclear fission but nuclear fusion, they had a small nuclear fission based atomic bomb as an ignition source. The gas for the nuclear mixture contained large quantities of plutonium which, after the explosion of the standard eruptive device, were widely spread across the tomato fields and the town. It is possible to find a site covering 2 to 3 kilometers. Nearly 1,500 soldiers from the United States participated in a massive decontamination effort. Around 1,750 tons of dirt were dug into and then shipped to the United States. However, it was found that significant amounts of dirt were still infected. The Obama management assured Spain that it would take care of it. This arrangement was no longer binding for the Trump administration. Although the location is sealed, it is not clear when and how the mess will be cleaned up. Focus: I have only mentioned three of the four bombs. The fourth

The bomb fell into the ocean and was found after 80 days. The USA searched hard for it, afraid that the Soviets might attempt to recover it. Despite a long search, the Navy was initially unable to find the fourth bomb. The decisive hints originated from the angler Franziskus Simó Orts. He had seen the bomb fall under the sea. This earned him the nickname “Paco de la bomba”, in English “bomb paco”. The Hollywood movie “Men of Honor” briefly mentions the bomb’s recovery.

Carl Brashea was the first African American Navy scuba diver and took part in the salvaging operation. Due to an accident there, he lost part of his left foot. He continued to work as a Navy diver, despite all odds. “Male of Honor” with Cuba Gooding Jr. & Robert de Niro is a truly outstanding movie. And while we'' re on the topic of Hollywood motion pictures: The 4th bomb was found by the Navy research submarine Alvin at a depth of nearly 800 meters.Alvin, that strikes me as the vessel, whose most renowned dive journey was the initial dive trip to the wreck of the Titanic in 1986. Don'' t concern, I ' “m not vocal singing “my heart will certainly go on”” right now! Investigate submarine Alvin. This is another hero and the pipeline I longed for in my childhood. We return to southerly Spain, and the peaceful village Palomares. As if the story isn'' t amazing sufficient: The bomb was lost once more during the first undersea rescue attempt. Alvin spent 2 weeks searching for the bomb at almost 900 meters deep. This entire operation was very difficult to conceal. The entire operation was exposed to the public. The Spanish federal government banned the United States from traveling to Spain with nuclear weapons.

The purpose was to calm the population and not jeopardize tourism. This had just been discovered by the Franco federal government. In fact, the Preacher for Tourism and the American Ambassador went swimming at Palomares beach with proper media coverage. Unsurprisingly, the Palomares Occurrence was a huge shock to the general public. It also happened 2 years later in 1968 when a B-52 carrying nuclear weapons crashed at Thule Air Force Base. It is possible that the location of one of these bombs may not have been found on Greenland. After both of these incidents, Operation Chrome Dome was suspended by the US Air Force. TWELVE bombing B52s carrying nuclear weapons were flying daily at the step when Operation Chrome Dome was raised. But what about rockets? The US Flying Force didn’t stop these flights with atomic bombs because of political pressure. Many thanks to the latest ICBMs, the flights were also redundant. Along with the patrolling nuclear submarines with these rockets, as well as likewise other tactical bombing planes, which simply put on ' t patrol the air completely, as well as'other points, the Strategic Air Command has actually bunker-stationed intercontinental missiles of the Minuteman type. However, the US military actually has its own term: “Busted Arrow” for the practice of dropping atomic bombs. The United States Department of Protection officially admitted that there were “32” such incidents. Some of these bombs were not found and some could not be recouped. Not all of the lost bombs could be found or recouped.

York also demanded the usual one- to two percent salvage bonus that a wreck finder is entitled to under maritime law. It is unknown how much he actually received. Both Brilliant Paco and the United States Armed Force have reached an agreement outside of court. That won ' t That probably didn ' ' t neally scratch United States politics. A shed atomic bomb creates a great deal more tummy ache.The reality that US political leaders'had the very same problems back in the 1960s and also launched a complicated equipment safeguard for the atomic bombs was commendable, however ultimately it was superfluous in a sad-comical way. The United States armed forces were more concerned about the tools not being used undoubtedly so they coveredtly set the gain to codes for the warheads up to 8 completely no. It was actually a risk-free training course. My computer science professor said that passwords should look like underwear. Contrary to popular belief, the code with eight zeros remained legal until 1977. Helmut Schmidt of Hamburg recognized that federal governments are stupid and should be resisted. Let ' s really hope that reason can prevail on all sides currently. I hope that you enjoyed my Spanish adventure and found the “story” compelling, even if it wasn’t directly related to rockets. Although training courses rockets are a major part of the armed forces, this channel is not intended to be all about tools. I would love to share the relaxed use of rockets through my videos here on the channel. It is amazing how science and technology can expand the horizons for humanity. I would love to see the stars of humanity’s technological advancements. Instead of asking “Who is the most powerful?” Instead of asking “Who has the largest?” I prefer to ask the most important questions: “Where are you from and where are you going?” If you likewise desire us to peacefully take the next large leaps around, put on ' t neglect to LIKE! Keep going! Always stay straight! Your mo.

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