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Woke and broke U.S. Army now accepting recruits with ADHD, other “behavioral challenges” – HotAir


The Army has been brought to its knees by being all awake and alert. In this day and age, they’ve fallen so far down the rabbit hole anymore that they can’t get anyone who’s their normal target recruit to sign up to save their lives. Or anyone else’s, for that matter. Their recruitment numbers are quite dismal.

…The service fell 15,000 recruits short of its fiscal 2022 goal and it cut its goal for total number of soldiers in fiscal year 2023 by an additional 15,000, suggesting that it sees a longer-term problem.

Army statistics show that only 23% meet the standards for fitness, health, and other requirements required to join military service. Below 10% of those interested are interested in joining.

WHY? aren’t they interested in joining? I’ll give you one clue.


All this morale-destroying socialist BS produced – like the massive admin bloat on college campuses – the accompanying rise in employment opportunities not for warfighters, but for Experts™ and Diversity Police™.

…The Biden administration’s politicization of the armed forces…

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