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Woke board proposes national slavery monument in James Madison’s home


Woke activists in charge of Montpelier — the home where James Madison conceived the US Constitution — plan to build a massive national slavery monument on the grounds of the founding father’s Virginia plantation.

Critics and historians say such a memorial would upend the fourth president’s legacy and become the center of attention at his own home.

The revelation emerged last week during Montpelier’s inaugural “Constitution Month,” a series of tours and talks commemorating the 235th anniversary of the document’s signing in 1787.

Members of the board — who expelled Montpelier’s former leadership in May after a bitter public battle — announced their monument plans on Sept. 17 at a sparsely attended panel session called “Equal Power-Sharing at Montpelier” at the David M. Rubenstein Visitor Center on the mansion’s grounds.

Board chair James French, far left, with other board members at Constitution Day.
James French (far left), is the chair of the Board, along with other board members, at Constitution Day.
Adrienne Eichner/eichnerstudios.

“The home of the Constitution should be the place that recognizes the contributions of descendants of the enslaved communities across America,” declared Rev. Larry Walker, a…

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