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Woke Razor Company Calls Fathers ‘Non-Birthing Parents.’ At Jeremy’s Razors, Men Are Men.


Let’s play a quick, good old-fashioned game of “Would You Rather?” Here are four questions, and then we’ll tell you what your answers mean.

  1. Would you rather support a company that supports the mutilation of minors, or one that works to protect children?
  2. Would you rather be associated with a brand that uses terms like “non-birthing parents” and “birthing parents” to refer to moms and dads, or one that calls them — well — moms and dads?
  3. Would you rather help create a “progressive future” built on woke lies, or help build an economy based on truth
  4. Would you rather buy from a company that says not kowtowing to radical gender ideology is “inexcusable” or one that embraces true masculinity and femininity

If you answered positively to the former option to any of those questions, then you should buy from Harry’s Razors.

If you answered affirmatively to the latter, then Jeremy’s Razors is for you. Buy here.

As DailyWire+ subscribers well know, Harry’s was a former sponsor with The Daily Wire. In 2021, Harry’s infamously dropped The Daily Wire because best-selling author and Daily Wire podcast host Michael Knowles had the audacity to say that boys…

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