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Workshop: Indicators of local transition to low-carbon economy (Regional Growth Core Schönefelder Kreuz, Germany)



International workshop

10th – 11th September 2012 – Regional Growth Core Schönefelder Kreuz, Germany


Jointly organised by the Regional Growth Core Schönefelder Kreuz and the Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau
In cooperation with the OECD LeED Programme


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Attendance is important

The Regional Growth Core Schönefelder Kreuz is one of the most dynamic economic areas in Central Europe. The new BER Berlin Brandenburg International Airport is the driving force. This is a period of significant change for European airports. With the introduction of aviation into the European Union Emissions Trade Scheme (ETS) in 2012, and the competition among airlines for fuel-efficient aircraft as well as cost-effective business models, this is a time of major changes for the industry. This workshop will focus on how Schönefelder Kreuz is transitioning to low-carbon economy and how the region can maximize the opportunity for green growth in aviation to the regions’ advantage. 

To achieve greener growth, you will need to seize opportunities to develop green industries, jobs, technologies, and manage the transition for greening more traditional sectors, employment, and distributional effects. It will take…

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