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World’s Hottest Leader Calls It Quits


Who will fill the babe-shaped void left by former Finnish prime minister Sanna Marin?

What’s happened: Sanna Marin, the former prime minister of Finland, formally resigned her post as chair of the country’s Social Democratic Party on Friday.

• “I am turning a new page in life,” the atypically attractive politician wrote in an Instagram post. “I am grateful and humbled to have been able to lead the party from the front. Now it’s time to step back in line alongside others.”

• Marin, 37, signaled her intention to resign in April after the Social Democrats were defeated in a national election. The following month, she announced the end of her marriage to husband Markus Räikkönen.

Why it matters: Marin is awesome. Until today, she was the world’s hottest leader of a major political party. Finland was the world’s happiest country on her watch, and her biggest scandals as prime minister involved allegations of partying too hard. Her leadership on the world stage will be sorely missed.

• Stepping out of the political spotlight will allow Marin to focus on what truly matters: having a great time. Being prime minister and party leader undoubtedly limited her ability to enjoy late nights at clubs, rave festivals, and house parties.

• Marin is one of the…

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