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‘Would Take Hours’: Houston Org. Pulls Annual Reading Of Murder Victims’ Names As List Reaches Staggering Length


Houston Crime Stoppers, a Texas-based advocacy group, will not be featuring its annual reading of names during Sunday’s commemorative ceremony for homicide victims — there are simply too many names to be read, the event’s organizers said.

In years past, names and ages for murder victims from each year were read aloud. “We can’t do that anymore because it would take hours” Crime Stoppers Director of Victim Services Andy Kahan told Fox News. Participants in this year’s event will instead watch the names of more than 600 murder victims in Harris County — Texas’ most populous county and home to Houston — scroll on a ticker, the outlet reported.

Houston Crime Stoppers Facebook Post for National Day of Remembrance (Screenshot/Facebook/Crime Stoppers of Houston)

Houston, Texas’ largest city and the fourth largest in the nation, is no stranger to violent crime. According to ABC 13, there was a sharp rise in murders in the city, from 280 in 2019, to 400 in 2020 and 465 last year. Murders in the city are down just slightly from last year’s counts, with 327 reported by Sept. 22, 2021 compared to 323 on Sept. 22, 2022, according to unofficial figures…

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