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You can’t spell INFOSEC without the SEC


In a law-packed Cyberlaw Podcast episode, Chris Conte walks us through the long, detailed, and justifiably controversial SEC enforcement action against SolarWinds and its top infosec officer, Tim Brown. It sounds as though the SEC’s explanation for its action will (1) force companies to examine and update all of their public security documents, (2) transmit a lot more of their security engineers’ concerns to top management, and (3) quite possibly lead to disclosures beyond those required by the SEC’s new cyber disclosure rules, at the risk of alerting network attackers to what security officials know about them in something close to real time.

Jim Dempsey does a deep dive into the administration’s executive order on AI, adding details not available last week when we went live. It’s surprisingly regulatory, while still trying to milk jawboning and public-private partnership for all they’re worth. The order more or less guarantees a flood of detailed regulatory and quasiregulatory initiatives for the rest of the President’s first term. Jim resists our efforts to mock the even-more-in-the-weeds OMB guidance, saying it will drive federal AI contracting in significant ways. He’s a little more willing, though, to diss the Bletchley Park announcement on AI principles that was released by a large group of…

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