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‘100 percent’ of Black Americans should ‘VOTE FOR TRUMP’

‘100 percent’ of Black Americans should ‘VOTE FOR TRUMP’

President Trump highlighted the hardships that America’s most diverse voting blocs will continue to face if the illegal immigration crisis is not stopped, pressing Black, Hispanic, and Asian Americans to vote for a Trump 2024 ticket.

The president made his speech on Saturday afternoon in Rome, Georgia, at a “Get Out the Vote Rally” ahead of the Peach State’s upcoming primary election. Trump is already considered the presumptive nominee for the Republican Party, after his smashing wins on Super Tuesday. He is also the only remaining Republican candidate in the race.

“Unions are going to suffer,” Trump pointed out, speaking to the illegal immigration issue and noting that illegal migrants are taking jobs from Black Americans and Hispanic Americans.

He added that he had recently read a poll that showed him with 28 percent of the Black vote in America. Indeed, the most recent Fox News poll reflected Trump’s 28 percent of support among Blacks, 48 percent among Hispanics, and among suburban women, 43 points.

Trump joked, “If that’s the case, this election is OVER!”

He continued, “It should be 100 percent of Black people should vote for Trump!”

The president noted that he had done more for Black Americans “than any president other than Abraham…

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