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Bitmoji Is Coming For Your Pets

Bitmoji Is Coming For Your Pets

Some people take their pets everywhere with them. Now Snapchat Plus members can even bring them along virtually — as Bitmoji.

The latest update, introduced this week, uses artificial intelligence to turn a photo of little Fifi or Fido into a graphic — actually, a range of avatars that owners can choose from — and place it in the Snap Map. Once inside the platform’s location-sharing visualization tool, the furry friend can follow the user’s own Bitmoji around.

Pets aren’t new to the platform, but the customization is. Previously, there was only a limited selection of preset options, and no way to pick breeds.

Clearly this is one of AI’s more adorable capabilities. The perk arrives for Snapchat Plus subscribers only right now, since they get early access to new features. But it’s likely to open up at some point. There’s great motivation for Snap to do it, after all.

Previous options for pet Bitmoji were limited.


Pets are a gateway to a huge business, with the pet accessories market alone valued at $32.7 billion in 2022, and expected to hit $48.56 billion by 2028. Add pet grooming products to the mix, and the market, valued at $68.31 billion in 2022, is projected to hit $116.23 billion by 2030.


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