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Fetteman keeps speaking out against Hamas

Fetteman keeps speaking out against Hamas

Democratic Sen. John Fetterman of Pennsylvania is continuing to speak out against Hamas months after the heinous October 2023 attack in which terrorists slaughtered, kidnapped, and raped people in Israel, prompting the Jewish state to launch a war effort in response.

“At any point, Hamas could have ended this burgeoning tragedy to surrender and release every hostage,” a post on the @JohnFetterman X account states. “Hamas instigated and owns this humanitarian catastrophe.”

“Demand Hamas to surrender. Demand release every hostage. Demand to seize billions of dollars Hamas stole from Gaza. Demand those stolen billions to rebuild Gaza and compensate true victims- Israelis and Palestinians. Demand Hamas eliminated or permanently exiled,” another post reads.

“I’ll always take the word of our ally over a group of cowards that hide in tunnels behind civilians and hold children, women and elderly hostage since October 7th,” Fetterman noted in another post.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been clear that Israel aims to wipe out Hamas, and Fetterman has previously expressed support for Israel’s right to do so. “For peace & a 2-state solution, Hamas must be destroyed & I fully support Israel’s right to do that,” a November 2023 post on the @SenFettermanPA X account declared. “Hamas is anathema for the peace,…

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